During last 7 months, Ukraine commited export-import operations in more than 64.7 billion US Dollars

Between January and July 2014 Ukrainian total foreign trade turnover amounted to 64.7 billion US Dollars. Our country was commiting export-import operations with partners from 210 countries.
Thus, export share to CIS countries was 29%, import share was 34%, while to the European Union countries - 33% and 37% respectively.
According to DFS statistics, during this period Ukraine exported goods for 33.5 billion US Dollars. Most of all Ukrainian goods were in demand in the EU countries. Export from Ukraine to these countries amounted to almost 11 billion US Dollars.
The main consumers of Ukrainian goods among the European countries in January-July 2014 were Poland, Italy, Germany and Hungary. The shipments to these countries were 16%, 15%, 9% and 9% of the total Ukrainian export to the EU, respectively.
Goods in more that 8 billion US Dollars were exported to the Customs Union countries; in particular the Russian Federation got 80% of total export to the CU. Also, 12% and 8% of goods respectively were exported to Belarus and Kazakhstan.
By categories the greatest demand is for ferrous metals and products made of them, engineering industry products and grain.
Import of goods to Ukraine during seven months amounted to 31.2 billion US Dollars, 12 billion US Dollars of which was import from the European Union countries. In particular, from Germany - 24% of Ukrainian import from the EU, Poland - 15%, Italy - 8% and Hungary - 5%.
Also, our country imports goods from the Customs Union. In January-July this year import transactions amounting to 10.3 billion US Dollars were conducted with such countries: 75% of imported goods were from the Russian Federation, 23% and 2% from Belarus and Kazakhstan respectively.
Most of the goods imported to Ukraine are mineral fuels, pharmaceuticals and engineering products.

Source: Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine