Export of sunflower oil from Ukraine

During 2013 - 2014 marketing year Ukraine exported about 3.85 million tons 
of sunflower oil - this is almost 20% more than in the 2012 - 2013 marketing year.
According to preliminary estimates, export in 2014 - 2015 marketing 
year will reach 3.7 million tons.
At present, the main importers of Ukrainian sunflower oil are the countries 
of the Middle East and North Africa, India and the EU.
Although the most promising markets for Ukraine are the markets of 
the Middle East and India, which account for over 45% of world import, 
the increase of export to the EU countries will allow to diversify the sales markets.
Export growth to the EU has become possible due to the removing of the 
restrictions on the supply of the sunflower oil from Ukraine. 
The EU market now accounts for about 12% of oil export from Ukraine. 
The abolition of import duty has made Ukrainian products more competitive in 
Europe, which will allow to significantly increase supplies 
to the EU in the next two years.