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Shipment of OOG cargo


Shipment of OOG cargo


The journey began at the shipper’s premises where a police escort was required to transport
the OOG cargo to the port of loading.

Special requirements were noted by Alphatrans such as transportation by low loader trucks
and special permits for the road.

Trucks arrived to the place of loading in strict accordance with the shipper schedule as
special team arranged disassembling of the machine and there was not enough space at premises
for the whole packages.

On arrival to port of loading the outer package of the heaviest package (28 mt) was found not
seaworthy and Alphatrans proposed to customer to repack and strenqthen the package. Lower part
of the box was strenqthened and cargo was covered with heavy material to avoid any damage or
wet to the cargo.

After all additional operations were arranged all the cargo was safetly shipped to consignee.


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